Logic Minimizer

Logic Minimizer is a special application for simplifying logical expressions, namely Boolean and propositional expressions. It is geared for those involved in engineering fields, more precisely digital and formal logic scholars and academics, digital

HUb  v.1 14

hUb is an integral platform that allows you to play PC games developed and published by Spell of Play Studios, 'SoP'.


Sipcli  v.2.2

Command Line SIP User Agent for Windows. sipcli allow you to make SOP based test calls (Based on RFC 3261)Major features 1. Simple, easy-to-use. 2. You can set source IP interface, SIP port, SIP proxy/port, SIP username and password. 3. You can play

PowerDicom  v.4.7 Build

PowerDicom is a 'All-in-one' software for handling DICOM files. PowerDicom is a strong and easy-to-use program application that can help you manage DICOM files.PowerDicom General Features: 1. Supports all Modalities (SOP Classes) 2. Supports all

CharruaPACS  v.3.9

Multi-threaded DICOM SCP server with: Storage, Verification and Q&R SCPs. CharruaPACS is an easy to install and maintain free PACS server, with auto-routing abilities. It supports DICOM C-STORE SCP for most used SOP classes, with uncompressed

ESPIRE Sales Orders  v.1.0 RC2

eSPIRE is an enterprise-class, multi-user-aware sales order processing (SOP) management system.

Viyya Free Edition

Turn Information Overload into Business Intelligence Surfing the web can take lots of time - 80 hours per month on average. Viyya automates these activities and provides information at the touch of a button for the busy professional working in a SOHO or

Flower and decorations screensaver

Flower and decorations screensaver ver.1.01b. Free slide show screensaver with 32 beautiful handmade decorations. Absolutely free to download and use !

Karnaugh Studio  v.2.0

Karnaugh Studio is a product line for students of engineering and professionals, which offers the possibility to obtaining the best solution to the simplification of boolenas functions using the map of karnaugh to show it.

DICOMscope  v.3.5.1

DICOMscope is a free DICOM viewer which can display uncompressed, monochrome DICOM images from all modalities and which supports monitor calibration according to DICOM part 14 as well as presentation states.

PowerDicom 4.8 B  v.

PowerDicom simplifies the work with DICOM files substantially, even if you are not a DICOM professional.

HEVC/H.265 Video ES Viewer  v.2.0

HEVC/H.265 Video ES Viewer solution provides a visual representation of the structure of HEVC/H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) video elementary stream according to the JCT-VC specification. The solution supports basic HEX data editing of an AU.

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